Siófok-Sajkod, Hungary, 2019


PAD Foundation for Environmental Justice (Diána Berecz, Dániel Bozzai, Eva Bubla)

Sailboat: Fülöp Bence

Photo: Neogrády-Kiss Barnabás


#szabadonbalaton (English: #freebalaton) aims to raise public awareness on the needs and risks of Lake Balaton, Hungary.  After its debut at the Blue Ribbon 2019 sailing competition, where sailboat Hannibal served as a visual platform to communicate the message to wider audiences, the boat and its crew dock in various beaches of the lake to serve Balaton-specific cocktails in its pop-up concept bar. 


The served concept drinks demonstrate the ecological changes the lake ecosystem goes through, therefore, everyone can taste states and processes like algae bloom, reed die-back, or mud formation; and at the same time contemplate on the causes of such phenomena and our role as a human in their formation