lifeforms III

Public installation


Gyár-Kert, Budapest, 2017


Lifeforms III is a site-specific installation built for the public art festival Gyár-Kert taking place on 9-10 June 2017.


The installation is made of local materials and explores the urban and natural identity of Csepel, a post-industrial district of Budapest. The object made of recycled, wooden-framed doors and windows is reflecting on the blocks of flats characteristic of Csepel, while its glass window panels recall the concept of a greenhouse. The rectangular shapes stand as the symbols of a man-made environment, while the tension resulting from the incubated nature draws our attention to certain ecological and environmental issues. Urbanization is taking over the green areas and natural habitats globally . However, as the research phase of the project indicated, the Danube and its approxiamte area are of great importance to the inhabitants of Csepel. This organic, “living” Danube is to be incubated in the middle of the urban setting of Csepel. It articulates the importance of our natural environment and our own role in the preservation of it.