designated breathing zone - series c19

Early 2020 countless types of masks flooded our environment globally: from the medical to the homemade, they have become a crucial element of our days. Most of us are wearing masks when we go shopping, go for a walk in the neighbourhood, or in any way face human interaction outside our homes. We care for ourselves, we care for the others. We are trying to minimize the risk of being infected or infecting others.


Spring has arrived but even when we have a break of self-isolation, we are masking the scent of the awakening nature and inhale the warmth of our own breath. I miss those smells!


So I made a very simple version of Designated Breathing Zone – series C19 is made of leaves I collected on my walks and during open-air activities, and by wearing it, each inhalation brings me closer to those authentic smells… but for how long?


Each day the material is getting drier and drier, losing its forest-like odour, reminding me of the fragile nature of the world surrounding me. We must care for ourselves, we must care for the others, but we also must care for what we tend to call Nature. Covid-19 triggered humanity to act, to be more aware, and I wish it will also trigger a change in the way we approach our greater skin: the global ecosystem.