Sekolah Akar Rumput, 2019


To reduce air pollution, the first step is to eliminate or reduce anthropogenic-caused emissions. The second step is to remediate existing pollutants, in which plants and city planning can play an important role.  Inspired by a 1989 NASA report which tested indoor plants that are most effective in purifying indoor air, installation Designated Breathing Zone uses the Sansevieria plant to critically reflect on the topic of air pollution, the effect of human activities, and the importance of plants in our ecosystem.


During a collateral workshop in Sekolah Akar Rumput, Yogyakarta, DIY objects were constructed using the Sansevieria plant and the mechanisms of air purification devices available on the market with the purpose of raising awareness of the kids on the issue of air pollution.  


Special thanks for Yudianto Asmoro for the Arduino section.