Artist Residency & Symposium


Gömörszőlős, Hungary, 2018


Photo: Gábor Rusznák, Nina van Hartskamp, Eva Bubla


ÉrTEM Artist Residency & Symposium gathers artists and scientists who work in the field of ecology, nature conservation, sustainable development, and social engagement. It is a platform for artists and scientists to share ideas and practices on professional methodologies which catalyze social and environmental change. 


ÉrTEM is hosted by the Ecology Institute for Sustainable Development, an organization which has been present in the village of Gömörszőlős since 1993 to show an example to small villages with elder population by their program “Gömörszőlős, the sustainable village.”  It aims to put the theory of sustainable development into practice, manages a permaculture farm, extensive orchards, and applies various sustainable innovations. 


Eva Bubla, the creator and organizer of ÉrTEM invited 8 artsits for an incubation week to develop ideas related to the values and aspirations of the Institute. The experiences of the week were also shared during a roundtable discussion in the Studio of Young Artists’s Association.


Participating artists:

Elena Redaelli (Pomegranate), Freund Éva & Varga Dóra (Weed Culture), Michal Mitro (IoTompa), Nina van Hartskamp (Surrender), Sárréti Gergely (Sitting Pool), Szabó Réka (Meditation Hut), Zahra Jafarpour (Eaters)


Symposium participants:

Residency artists; Cargonomia, Czeglédy Nina (artist, researcher, curator), Gosztola Kitti (artist), Nagy Károly András (human ecologist), Süveges Rita (artist)