nature diary (kert-tár)

Book Art


MŰSZAK VII Artist Residency, Cserszegtomaj, Hungary, 2017 

Balaton Museum, Keszthely, Hungary, 2017


This tiny book is the visual diary of a one-week residency spent in MŰSZAK VII, Cserszegtomaj, Hungary, and serves as the cross-section of the residency garden of hosts Lívia Szencz and Ferdinánd Takács. 


The pages of the book were hand-made from recycled waste paper and locally grown plants, and reflect on the local environment. Interestingly, the plants are imprinted on the paper just like the ancient fossils are imprinted on the walls of the cave which is situated under the garden. 


In a way, the book is an imprint of past-present-future, since it is changing just as the garden is changing with the seasons. The number of its pages may grow, but it may as well return to nature: some of its pages contain seeds, which when planted in spring, will bring new life. 


Let the pages of this book be turned wisely, just as Nature itself lives its own turns and cycles.