Installation and community project


Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2016


“Who looks outside, dreams;

Who looks inside, awakes.”

(C. G. Jung)


Project Re-Dream! explores the issues of dream and reality, human and environment, time and space.


The bed is the central point of the mysteries of life and death; as such, its meaning is parallel to that of soil: it gives and takes life. Little is the modern man connected to the creating soil though but is living through his life as a daydream, being convinced it is reality itself. Being disconnected from his environment, being alienated from Nature results in the alienation from his own self and roots as well. 


In the present exhibition, the visitor is asked to return to the primal scene of birth and re-dream his reality: everyone is encouraged 

to put their dreams, visions and ideas in the book provided.