spiral of existence

Installation, bamboo and plastic waste


Depok Beach, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2012


In collaboration with Putu Dede Suwidnya Arock, Rommy Hendrawan, Surijal, Udien Aee


The installation reflects on the environment located in Depok beach, Yogyakarta. The form of “nautilus shell” refers to the ocean and ocean life. However, it can be interpreted on a further level. Spiral is the symbol of cycle: the cycles of time, life, birth-growth-death-rebirth, the cycle of nature. Nature and Life doesn’t proceed in a straight line but in a spiral, and we seem to pass the same point over and over again but from a different perspective each time. It depends on us how much we develop, how conscious we become. 


The choice of garbage as a material suggests further levels of interpretation. The relationship of the spiral form and garbage refers to the fact that the 21st century man does not live consciously enough in the cycle of nature and life. The 21st century man does not respect its environment but throws away the rubbish, which affects and destroys the cycle of nature and life. 


The message of the installation is that people should study to become more environmental conscious and respect the natural surrounding more, because we are also part of the cycle of the universe, the cycle of life, the cycle of nature, and should not pollute it with short-term, garbage-like actions and materials but preserve and cultivate it. Our spiral should move upwards in harmony with nature, and not downwards hand in hand with waste and destruction.